Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Weekly Inspirations - February

Hi there, here I am again, writing with a cup of my favourite tea!
Today I want to share with you some of my February's weekly inspirations...let's start!

ARCHITECTURE: I love the facade, the pastel colours and the modular shapes!
The bulding's name is Yardhouse and it is a workspace based in London, designed and built by Assemble and it is designed such that it can be unmounted and re-assembled elsewhere!! I want it near my house here in Rome!

PHOTOGRAPHY: I've just written about her, she is a very talented German photographer! Her name is "Wandering heart". I really like her photos because they manage to bring me into her fantasy world!! If you want to see some of my favourite photos from her click here!

ILLUSTRATION: When I saw this picture I've immidiately started thinking about a story.  The colours and the lights are amazing! The artwork was made by Pascalle, you can find his works on!

ART: These wonderful murals were made by a young Atlanta based artist known as HENSE! This is totally a work of art!! In Rome there are great murals made by BLU, you can see them here.

That's all!! thanks for reading!


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Brainstorming - Happy New Year

Hi there! I know...It's been a while since my last post here! I'm a mess, this 2014 has been a superhard year. I've moved to another house and right now I'm living alone (it's an exciting experience!), I've been working hard at the Architecture Studio and I haven't found time for my "daytime dreams", It's sad but sometimes the flow of time is superfast!!
This year will be different! During these holidays I've written down a lot of ideas and resolutions for this new year and I'm going to accomplish them! I promise!
Actually I don't like the concept of  "new year's resolutions", I think we can make our resolutions everyday, but I like this time of the year, the beginning of a new year is always full of energy, so I decided to be carried away by this energy! 
I hope this 2015 will be a great year! Yay!!

Happy New Year dears!


Saturday, 23 August 2014

DIY - Cats' lover

Hello there!
I'm back with another DIY project! I haven't written on this blog for a while and I'm really missing it! 
I've had so many ideas this summer but the time is always not enough! Damn it!
Anyway, here I am with a fast and easy project! Let's start:

You'll need:

- A shirt (I've chosen a grey maxi shirt)
- Your favorite fabric (As always I've chosen a cats pattern! I'm a cats' lover!) 
- Sewing tools

First, choose the shape you prefer and cut it out of a piece of paper so you can decide its size and position on your t-shirt. Then cut the same shape on your favorite fabric. Remember to cut the shape a little bit larger than the paper shape for the hem.
Secondly, place the fabric cutout on your shirt, fix it with pins (don't forget the hem) and sew it!
It's really an easy project, you can create your own customized t-shirt or make it for a friend!

I've chosen an easy heart shape but you can choose any shape you want! 
I'm really happy with the result!

I hope you liked this project. Cat is always the answer! 
See you on the next post!


Sunday, 27 April 2014

DIY - Confetti shirt

Hello everyone!!! I'm really happy to share a new DIY project with you today!
Some time ago I've seen a project like this on Studio DIY website and I've immediately decided to make it on my own! 
Let's start with DIY confetti shirt, everybody loves confetti!!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

DIY - handy little pouch

Click here for the Italian version.

Hi everyone!!
here I am again with another DIY project! This time I've made an handy little pouch for my phone and my keys! Some time ago I've bought some fabrics on Etsy (take a look here) and I couldn't wait to use it to make handmade things! This is a very fast and easy project, you'll need:

Main fabric : 1 pieces (10x15 cm, 4x6 inches)
Lining fabric : 1 pieces (10x15 cm, 4x6 inches)
Zipper (15cm, 6 inches)

Put together the two pieces of fabric back to back (decor showing), then fold them on their short edges, with the main fabric inside and pin them. Sew the pinned sides and finally fix the zipper on the open edge and turn inside out the little pouch. Now it's ready for your phone or for anything you want to hold inside it!
I haven't any experience with this kind of handmade projects and after finishing it I realized that it would have been better to sew the zipper first, but I'm really happy with the result anyway!!

I hope you like it!
If you have any advice to help me get better please leave a comment!

Happy Sunday dears,


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekly Inspirations - I want to do

Click here for the Italian version.

Hello everyone!In this cloudy Sunday I want to share with you my "I want to do" list.
This is a strange moment for me, I'm totally absorbed by work and I really miss the time to make something for me. I love my job but sometimes I would like to have more hours in a day!
So this is my little dreams' list, I want to:

- HAVE NEW ADVENTURES : I want to discover new places, lose myself into the nature and take a deep breath. (The photo was taken by Ayaka Terawaka.) When I'm stressed I need to go into the nature, or look at the sea: they are like a spell that recharges my energy, and in this moment I really need it.

- COOKING CROISSANTS  : I love cooking, I love croissant, so why not cook some? I know that is really complicated to make croissants but I really want to try!!
I've found the step by step tutorial at this link!

- HAVE AN HANGING CHAIR : I've seen this wonderful hanging chair on Oh Happy day website and I've immediately fallen in love with it! Clik here for more photos! (you can buy it at this link )When I was a little kid I loved playing with the seesaw, my Dad made one for me! I was really happy that day!

- RIDE OUT MY FEARS : "Don't lose yourself in your fear". I want to remind me this phrase and try to fight my fears!!

- GO TO LONDON : One close friend of mine has moved to London with her boyfriend last summer. I'm going to London to stay with her for a few days!! I've never visited London before so I'm really eager to! I want to visit Harrods, the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Carnaby Street, the Big Ben, the London Eye and more!

(The funny illustration was made by Jim Datz)

What do you want to do? 

I hope your wishes come true as soon as possible.

Happy Sunday dears.


Saturday, 4 January 2014

DIY - Chalkboard fever

Hi everyone! I want to start this year with my first video tutorial! Making this video has been exciting and painting my little wall with chalkboard paint was really fun!
This project has been in my neverending to-do list for so much time (I've bought the chalkboard paint in July!) and during these Christmas holidays I've finally found the time to make it! Hooray!
The video's soundtrack is a song by Josh Woodward, I found his track on creative commons music.

I hope you'll enjoy the project and the video too!
Happy 2014!