Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Recipes - Five ideas for a perfect easter

Hi there! This week I want to share with you some recipes I've found on web.
I love when my family and I cook dishes together during the holidays... the kitchen becomes very lively! This is my top five, to cook for or with someone you care:
1) Advocaat easter budnt cakes on my kitchen treasures blog
2) Easter Bunny cookies on la tana del coniglio blog 
3) skinny coconut cupcakes on
4) Rabbit cookies on la receta de la felicidad
5) Chocolate easter egg nets on life and kitchen blog

Don't you think that bunny cookies are lovely? I love them!
Happy Easter week.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sunday, 17 March 2013

DIY - Turn an empty tea box into a jewel case

Hello dears! I haven't been writing for a while because I've been very busy with the last test of my "neverending" state exam! Now it's over..I'm a licensed architect!!!I'm really..really happy!! I'm addicted to architecture and I can't wait to start working! (I'm looking for a job right now...)
In this cloudy Sunday in Rome I want to suggest you a very easy and fast DIY project.
I love tea and I throw away many tea boxes, so few days ago I thought to reuse one of these to make something new, and I came up with this idea: turning an empty tea box into a jewel case!
I always have my jewels on my night table or into so many little boxes... I desperately need a jewel case!

For this project you need:
- An empty tea box, I suggest one with a selection of infusions, so you have multiple boxes inside.
- Some origami paper
- Scotch-tape
- Scissors