Thursday, 26 December 2013

Weekly Inspirations - Eight

Click here for the Italian version.

Hi there! Finally Winter holidays have arrived and I've found the time to upload something new on the blog! I was really sad because during these last three months I haven't found time to invest here. I really love writing on this blog and making handmade things to share with you so I want to succeed in marrying work with "my daytime dreams" ! I'll do my best!
These are my weekly inspirations, let's be inspired:

DIY : Polka dot Umbrella! It's a really simple "do it yourself", take a look at this link on Design Love Fest website, there is a step by step tutorial. It is absolutely on my to do list, and it's a perfect diy for this rainy season!

INTERIORS : Love this bakery! The company name is Ou Meul Bakkery and it is in Cape Town.
I've discovered it on Lana Lou Style blog and I've immediately fallen in love with it. I really like the wood's use, the white tile's tilt angle and the pies too of course!

ILLUSTRATIONS : This is one of the beautiful drawings of Sarah Marino, she is a young illustrator, I suggest to take a look at her website, she will carry you into her world of magic.

WAITING FOR 2014 : This 2013 was a year full of changes, I've loved it...I hope this 2014 is reserving many surprises too! I'm ready for anythings!! 
"Make things happen"

Happy Holidays everyone!


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! In Italy it's the evening of December 25th and I'm ready to relax and watch a classic movie on the sofa with people I really care...I love moments like these!
This Christmas I've hoped to see snowing in Rome but unfortunately snow hasn't arrived...this is a photo I took two years ago when there was a great snowfall in Rome, it was a wonderful day!
Now I'm going to make a warm tea! I wish you all to spend a wonderful day with people you care.

Merry Christmas dears!


Sunday, 1 December 2013

DIY - Lunch bag for a little girl

Click here for the Italian version.

Hi there! here I am again with another DIY project! This time I've made it for my little niece Anna Sofia, this is a little lunch bag. I know, she can't use it right now (she is one year old) but I hope she'll use it when she'll grow up!
This time you won't need colors but you'll need fabrics, ribbons and a little bit of patience.
Let's start, Supplies:
- Sewing tread
- Fabric
- Scissors
- Ribbons