Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weekly Inspirations - Autumn edition

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Finally Autumn has arrived! I love this season!
Today I want to share with you some of my "Autumn" weekly inspirations, let's be inspired!

INTERIORS : Wood, bricks...I love these materials together! In the photo you can see the Ozone Coffee House interior, it was designed by Skinflint design Studio. Don't you think wood it's perfect for a coffee shop interior? I hope to drink a cup of coffee there when I'll visit London.

ILLUSTRATIONS : Yes, it is a drawing, it isn't a photograph!!It's one of the beautiful illustrations made by Viana Arts on It's incredible how her drawings seem real. I love her art, I suggest you to take a look at her gallery.

DIY : I like DIY project with natural elements so much, and last week I was falling in love with this DIY by!Tree stumps changed into side tables...great idea!

PHOTOGRAPHY : Some months ago I've read at an article dedicated to a German photographer, Wandering heart.
"She captures beautifully dreamy scenes that whisk the viewer away into her fantasy world."
So true! If you want to read the article click here

That's all! thanks for reading!

Happy Sunday


Sunday, 15 September 2013

DIY - Music for your flowers

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Hi there! Autumn is just around the corner and I want to say "goodbye" to Summer with this supereasy DIY project. Do you like music? I love it very much! I'm always listening to music...It's my drug!
Well, music will be the star of this "goodbye Summer" project! Let's begin:

You'll only need:
- A vase (I've bought this one at IKEA)
- A permanent marker (I always suggest to buy a Sharpie marker)

First, draw five parallel lines, these will form the staff. I've taken advantage of the vase's grooves, but you can use paper tape to divide the vase into six parts and to draw straight lines.

Secondly, compose your music! I've drawn  a random composition of notes but, if you want, you can sketch your favorite song on your vase. 

You can draw everything on your vases, I've decorated another one with three sparkling lines and a of my favorite quotes: "Enjoy the little things". Release your imagination!

I hope you've liked this project! If that's the case, you can take a look at my other DIY projects!

Happy Sunday


Friday, 13 September 2013

TRAVELS - Val Gardena into the nature 2.0

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Some weeks ago I was in the beautiful Val Gardena! Today I want to live again some of the best moments of my holiday with you!I'll begin introducing the group:

It was really a great holiday, full of adventures! I've never walked on hiking trails into the nature!
It was wonderful, I've loved it!
Now I can't say hello to you without sharing with you this photo...I was ready to eat my giant piece of cake!

All the naturalistic photos were taken by my boyfriend!
Happy weekend!


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Weekly inspirations - seven

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Here I am again! These are my September's weekly inspirations!
This time I've added something new!

DIY : Elsie and Emma never disappoint us! This summer they have posted this beautiful DIY project on their blog (A Beautiful Mess), I'm totally in love with it, I love the colors, the geometric patterns and I love the idea! Great job girls!

SCENTS : Coffee's scent in the morning...It's one of my favorites scents, It gives me the strength to stand up and to start a new day!

YUM : Do you want to eat a yummy snack but you don't have the time to make it? This is the perfect recipe!! Banana pops!

DREAMS : Best friends for frosting website is seeking contributors to join his team. What do you think..should I apply?

LET'S PARTY : A giant glitter arrow that seems to say " the party is this way" ! Brilliant!
It was made for a weeding, you can see all the photos of the wedding here at 100 Layer cake website.

ARCHITECTURE :  "The Organic Architecture is created from the love for the human nature" 
Frank Lloyd Wright
This house designed by Arkin Tilt Architects is a wonderful example of architecture. In this house nature and architecture coexist with a perfect combination of natural and modern materials. Love this project.

That's all! Have a nice week


Thursday, 5 September 2013

FREE PRINTABLES - Birthday party invitations

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Is the party here?? Yes!
When I was young I've always drawn my birthday party invitations, I liked to customize them on my own.
I draw invitations even now but I've made these for my niece and my nephew!
Today I want to share them with you! You can print them and use them for your special birthday party!

I hope you like them, click on the link below to download the pdf.

Have a great party,