Sunday, 15 September 2013

DIY - Music for your flowers

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Hi there! Autumn is just around the corner and I want to say "goodbye" to Summer with this supereasy DIY project. Do you like music? I love it very much! I'm always listening to music...It's my drug!
Well, music will be the star of this "goodbye Summer" project! Let's begin:

You'll only need:
- A vase (I've bought this one at IKEA)
- A permanent marker (I always suggest to buy a Sharpie marker)

First, draw five parallel lines, these will form the staff. I've taken advantage of the vase's grooves, but you can use paper tape to divide the vase into six parts and to draw straight lines.

Secondly, compose your music! I've drawn  a random composition of notes but, if you want, you can sketch your favorite song on your vase. 

You can draw everything on your vases, I've decorated another one with three sparkling lines and a of my favorite quotes: "Enjoy the little things". Release your imagination!

I hope you've liked this project! If that's the case, you can take a look at my other DIY projects!

Happy Sunday


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