Sunday, 1 December 2013

DIY - Lunch bag for a little girl

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Hi there! here I am again with another DIY project! This time I've made it for my little niece Anna Sofia, this is a little lunch bag. I know, she can't use it right now (she is one year old) but I hope she'll use it when she'll grow up!
This time you won't need colors but you'll need fabrics, ribbons and a little bit of patience.
Let's start, Supplies:
- Sewing tread
- Fabric
- Scissors
- Ribbons

First, cut the fabrics into two rectangles. You can make these large or small, it depends on how big you want your lunch bag. Then make two bands (either with the same fabric as before or using a different one), the first one with the same width of the rectangles and the second one twice as wide.

Secondly, sew the first band 10/15 cm from the edge and ruffle the second band until it will be the same width of the first one. Then sew the ruffle band below the first band. 
I've also sewn a little ribbon on the top of the lunch bag, I love ribbons and I wanted to make one for this little lunch bag.

Then sew together the two rectangles, but remember to place the decorations inside. Sew only three edges and leave one for the bag's top. When you've finished, turn inside out your bag and voilà... ready for your lunch!
Last step: sew the ribbon. We'll use it to close our little bag.
Cut two pieces of ribbon, but remember to have it at least twice as long as the width of your lunch bag. Insert the first strip into the open part of your bag and wind up the ribbon with the fabric - as if you were making an hem - and sew the fabric.
The ribbon should be placed following this pattern:

Then insert the second ribbon in the same way, but with the opposite direction.
Now pull the ribbons' ends and your bag will close.

Your bag is ready, you just need to fill it with tasty snacks to take with you!

I hope you've liked this project! Thanks for reading!
Happy Sunday!


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