Sunday, 17 March 2013

DIY - Turn an empty tea box into a jewel case

Hello dears! I haven't been writing for a while because I've been very busy with the last test of my "neverending" state exam! Now it's over..I'm a licensed architect!!!I'm really..really happy!! I'm addicted to architecture and I can't wait to start working! (I'm looking for a job right now...)
In this cloudy Sunday in Rome I want to suggest you a very easy and fast DIY project.
I love tea and I throw away many tea boxes, so few days ago I thought to reuse one of these to make something new, and I came up with this idea: turning an empty tea box into a jewel case!
I always have my jewels on my night table or into so many little boxes... I desperately need a jewel case!

For this project you need:
- An empty tea box, I suggest one with a selection of infusions, so you have multiple boxes inside.
- Some origami paper
- Scotch-tape
- Scissors

Step one: unfold the tea box. Be careful not breaking the box parts.

Step two: upholster the inside of the tea box with origami paper. I've started with the inside of the box because I can fix the origami paper on the tea box without worrying about the scotch-tape, It will be covered with the origami paper I'll use to upholster the outside of the tea box.

Step three: upholster the outside of the tea box with origami paper. You shouldn't worry using the exact amount of paper, in fact I suggest to use more origami paper to fold the excess into the box and complete the covering without imperfections.

Step four: upholster the little boxes inside the tea box with origami paper. Use the same technique as the bigger box.

Step five: Recompose your ex-tea box. Does it look different?

Step six: Organize your jewels into your brand new jewel case!

Have fun with your work!


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