Wednesday, 17 April 2013

DIY - Pimp your shoes it's springtime!

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Hi there! Finally spring is back in town and I want to celebrate it with this DIY project! 
The "motto" this time will be: customize your sneakers! 
Last weekend I went to Strasbourg, in France, to visit my dear friend Valeria, who has been working  there for a few months now, and when I came back in Rome spring just popped out of nowhere!
I was so glad of this because I felt very cold in France!brrrr! 

But now let's focus on the project.
Few days ago I bought a pair of shoes at an H&M store and I thought about giving them some different colors. I was very undecided but in the end I've chosen pink and silver because I really love these colors together.

For this project you need:
-Fabric dyes
-Paper tape
-Some brushes

The first step is to surround the parts of the shoes we want to color with paper-tape, and then...paint!!

I've started to paint my sneakers with this supershocking pink without noticing that the fabric dye was almost finished..I've used it until the last drop! Luckily it was enough!

Then I've repeated the same process for the tip of the shoes. I've chosen a different color for this part, a shiny silver. When the color was dried I covered it with a glitter glue to add luminosity.

To color the tab use the same process, surround the part you want to color with paper-tape and then paint it.
I suggest to cover with paper-tape also the parts of the shoes that are around the tab to avoid staining them.

I've chosen the same color of the sneaker's tip for the tab. Be careful when you color the tab because you risk to stain the shoes. I've used some pieces of cardboard to prevent the tab from falling back and stain the sneakers during the dying time of color.

Da-daan, your brand new spring sneakers are ready!
I had a lot of fun making this project, in the end I've colored all my hands and part of my apron!
I love making things like these, I really hope you'll enjoy this project too.

Have fun with your work!

"Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right,
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling..."

New shoes - Paolo Nutini

If you don't know this song listen to it, it's nice! 
When I listen to it I always think about my friend Valentina, she is totally in love with Paolo Nutini!
Have a nice day dears.


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