Saturday, 12 October 2013

Weekly inspirations - Fox edition

Click here for the Italian version.

Today I want to write down a special edition of my weekly edition!!
I live in the outskirts of Rome and sometimes I've seen some foxes, they are amazing animals.
Let's start with these weekly inspirations - fox edition:

DIY : Take a look at this simple tutorial at zanaproducts website! Don't you think the result is cute?
You can make this stamp for a t-shirt...mmm, I'm going to write this idea on my to do list!

WISHLIST : Last week I've seen this coffee cup on Etsy and I immediately fell in love with it! I want it!

LOGOS : Simple, synthetic and cute! This is the Lucille blog logo. She is a young France illustrator, if you want to know more about her click here.

ILLUSTRATIONS : She is another of my beloved France illustrators. Her name is Anne Montel, I suggest you to take a look at her website. Her illustrations are amazing! Click here to enter inside her magical world.

PHOTOGRAPHY : This is a "famous" photography, I've seen this many times on pinterest and facebook. The first time I saw it I've thought: "It's a pity that the photographer didn't bring into focus the fox"...but right now I like it just as it is. The lucky photographer is Dan Dinu from Romania, take a look at his facebook page.  (special thanks to Yun Creative Labs for the info)

Foxes...Aren't they special?

Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. the photo of the fox is by Dan Dinu:

    please, always link back to him and report all pins on Pinterest not doing this.

  2. I have to admit, I've become quite the fan of foxes. I love how they have such a "sly" demeanor to them! Of course, it's also what I've decided to be for Halloween. Thanks for posting this!

    jyoti @

    1. Cool!!I totally agree with you! How was your foxy Halloween?