Sunday, 2 March 2014

DIY - handy little pouch

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Hi everyone!!
here I am again with another DIY project! This time I've made an handy little pouch for my phone and my keys! Some time ago I've bought some fabrics on Etsy (take a look here) and I couldn't wait to use it to make handmade things! This is a very fast and easy project, you'll need:

Main fabric : 1 pieces (10x15 cm, 4x6 inches)
Lining fabric : 1 pieces (10x15 cm, 4x6 inches)
Zipper (15cm, 6 inches)

Put together the two pieces of fabric back to back (decor showing), then fold them on their short edges, with the main fabric inside and pin them. Sew the pinned sides and finally fix the zipper on the open edge and turn inside out the little pouch. Now it's ready for your phone or for anything you want to hold inside it!
I haven't any experience with this kind of handmade projects and after finishing it I realized that it would have been better to sew the zipper first, but I'm really happy with the result anyway!!

I hope you like it!
If you have any advice to help me get better please leave a comment!

Happy Sunday dears,


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