Saturday, 23 August 2014

DIY - Cats' lover

Hello there!
I'm back with another DIY project! I haven't written on this blog for a while and I'm really missing it! 
I've had so many ideas this summer but the time is always not enough! Damn it!
Anyway, here I am with a fast and easy project! Let's start:

You'll need:

- A shirt (I've chosen a grey maxi shirt)
- Your favorite fabric (As always I've chosen a cats pattern! I'm a cats' lover!) 
- Sewing tools

First, choose the shape you prefer and cut it out of a piece of paper so you can decide its size and position on your t-shirt. Then cut the same shape on your favorite fabric. Remember to cut the shape a little bit larger than the paper shape for the hem.
Secondly, place the fabric cutout on your shirt, fix it with pins (don't forget the hem) and sew it!
It's really an easy project, you can create your own customized t-shirt or make it for a friend!

I've chosen an easy heart shape but you can choose any shape you want! 
I'm really happy with the result!

I hope you liked this project. Cat is always the answer! 
See you on the next post!


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