Monday, 6 May 2013

DIY - Nautical fever

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Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing with you a navy shirt DIY project!
Some days ago it's been the birthday of my friend Cocò. I've decided to make her an homemade gift because I think it is very personal and a great demonstration of how much I care about her.
When I gave the shirt to her she was really happy!
I've had in my mind a project like this for a long time because I'd like to make a shirt similar to this one for my trusted doctor Valentina! I'm really sorry my dear Vale, I know you're still waiting but I promise that I won't make you wait forever.

For this project you need:
- An anchor stencil ( You can make it by yourself, it's really easy!)
- Fabric dyes ( I've chosen two different colors, navy blue and silver )
- Paper-tape
- A brush
Let's begin! The "motto" this time will be "Nautical fever" !

First, use the paper-tape to create a stripe to help you keeping the draws aligned and put a cardboard sheet inside the shirt to prevent the fabric dye from coloring through the back.
Then place your stencil on the shirt and start coloring inside! Be careful, it's important to always apply color on the stencil inward to keep the edges of the shape clean.
Once finished remove the stencil and place it next to the first and go on. 
When you've finished, wait for the paint to dry (refer to the information on your fabric dye for the appropriate amount of time).

I wanted to color the last anchor with another fabric dye so I've chosen a super shiny silver! I suggest to wait for the fabric dye on the stencil to dry before coloring the part with a different paint.

I've also used the same color for the finishing of the shirt. 
I'm very happy with the result and I'm happy that my friend likes it too!

Your summery navy shirt is ready! Give it to someone or WearIY!


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