Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer trips - Ripa Limosani

Click here for the Italian version.

Hi there! Few days ago I went to Ripa Limosani, a little town in the south of Italy, with my cousin, my aunt and my little niece Arianna. 
Ripa Limosani is very important to me, It's my grandma's hometown and when I was a child I spent many summers there. I remember that I used to play with my cousin and my sister on the church's stairs!
It was strange coming back into these memories and realizing that I've grown up.

I love this small town, the people who live there are so kind and there is always a chill air.
These three days were beautiful, I've remembered a lot of things of my childhood and it was nice.

I hope your summer trips are going to be full of memories!! 
Have a nice Summer!


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