Friday, 26 July 2013

Weekly Inspirations - five

Click here for the Italian version.

When I'm not working I like to spend my time online reading my favorite blogs or watching new DIY projects on Pinterest. I love Pinterest, it's a great source of inspirations for me and my online to do list!
These are my Pinterest weekly inspirations:

ART: I'm totally in love with this painter! His name is Josep Moncada and this is his virtual gallery, take a look! The theme of all his paintings is "water", I love how he has painted the water's sparkling surface, it's perfect!

DIY : Nautical fever? Yes!! This is a supercute and fast DIY at Fraise&Basilic website, you only need a rope and some ribbons to create a beautiful nautical knot bracelet. (obviously it's in my to do list!)

PHOTOGRAPHY : I'm obsessed by flamingo, I love this animal since I was a little kid!This is a wonderful photo, I like the colors and clearly I like the sleeping flamingo.

INTERIOR : Do you like ombre? I do!(take a look at my last DIY project!) This is a great ombre wood wall!I think it would be a nice summer DIY project if you have in your house a wall like this!

YUM : The 28th July will be the national day of chocolate milk  in America! This chocolate milkshake recipe is for all the American people! I would like to be american for that day!! I've decided...I'm going to celebrate it! :)

That's all!! Have a nice weekend.


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